Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Media theory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Media theory - Essay Example Psychologist and Sociologists come up with a variety of theories as to why we watch TV. They have said that å… ¸he Mass Media Have a Direct, Immediate and Influential Effect Upon Audiences by é  ¸njectingInformation Into the Consciousness of the Masses(Wikibooks,2011) The fact of the matter is human beings have needed to be entertained since the beginning of time. We need to enjoy our leisure and before TV or even radio, in fact, the natives in the jungles of Africa invented their dances and rituals for their entertainment or self gratification if you want to make it sinister. What interests us is driven by our basic needs and background, our experiences and education. Rather than being controlled, we control the mediaPeople Bend the Media To Their Needs More Readily Than The Media Overpowering Them(Wikibooks,2011 ). We do not have studies theorizing why a person prefers a pair of blue jeans over black and quite frankly who cares. Their reasons are the same as why the watch a pa rticular movie or documentary or sporting event. There is no University degree needed here and there are no psychological or sociological problems, it is simply about a human being their need for leisure and enrtainment.. Television has not changed in the last 20 years only the technology involved in producing the entertainment. Television has become part of our lives for a variety of reasons and we do not need theories and conjectures to manipulate the reasons. Television stations produce on a supply and demand basis and we watch for enjoyment, plain and simple. That is how it was 20 years ago and that is how it will be twenty years from now. The Semiotic Media Theory interprets signs, communicative or culturally that point to the significance of a popularly appreciated phenomena. The cultural and communicative signs to the popularization of Super Bowl are pronounced and far reaching in American History. The human being needs excitement and is

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