Tuesday, April 23, 2019

U.A.E United Arab Emirates Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

U.A.E United Arab Emirates - Essay ExampleThere are very many cultural aspects that the UAE shares with separate larger Arab cultures and their neighboring Arabic countries. The paper will review the history of United Arab Emirates based on cultures, traditions they celebrate, clothing, food and other historical aspects.In the early 19th century, the U.AE was inhabited by resourceful and lofty nomadic Bedouin groups, date farms and fishing villages. Abu Dhabi had hundreds of Barasti huts commonly known as palm huts, several buildings and the famous patterns Fort. Dubai, on the other hand, was the trading hub because it was geographically located along the creek. This ensured that it offered a safe oasis against the Straits of Hormuz and others (Abdulla 58). The current UAE has very little resemblance to the Emirates that existed 40 years ago. Widespread changes have taken place across time and place, leading to rapid transformation of the country. Studies have shown that the UAE was in existence fifty-fifty in the 3rd millennium BC with its history being characterized by states that practiced fishing, herding, and nomadism. These constituted the old economic activities in the region during the periods near the 3rd millennium.Bedouins were definitely the main building blocks and pillars of the UAE community. The term Bedouin refers to a desert dweller. Thus, Bedouins took the active part in the construction of the United Arab Emirates. These early desert dwellers moved in the midst of the desert, ocean and the oasis. The three environments were critical for their survival since they provided conducive conditions for their economic activities. When near the ocean they would concentrate on fishing and pearl diving when in the desert they would search for grazing areas for their herds and camels. When in the oasis the Bedouin tribe would irrigate and farm vegetables and dates. The luxuriant farms and terraced gardens found in the mountain Wadis and Al Ain are demonstration

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