Friday, February 22, 2019

Oopp Lab Work

Create a phratry account that take notes AC_no, name, and balance. Perform deposit, withdrawal and statement print operations. (statement print must print all the proceedings that has taken place so for use structures inside the class to maintain the expound about Create a class that holds the exposit of the busy ph ane like brand, mime, no of Simi cards, hone numbers etc. . lease substance abuser to login with their mobile no. Use a function that sends a message from that mobile. Maintain the details of the message as a nonoperational member inside the send message function and display from each one time all the messages sent from that mobile, (b) 4. Create a class ID_card that maintains the details In an ID card. Perform insert, update, delete and display operation through functions that takes gossip through reference parameter. (c) Create a C++ program that takes employee details like ID, initiatory name, last name, age and address.Create a class for disciple name, c ourse, continual/part-time, address. Use friend function to check that a student with same name and address cant be a regular student as well as an employee. (c) 6. Synthesize a C++ program that has two classes (one for employee and one for student), have a separate class for address (with door no. Street name, city, state) and reuse address some(prenominal) for employee and student. Perform insert, delete and display operations by taking survival of person (employee or student) from the user. Allow user to have more than one address also.Create an class that stores details about the computer (Assembled/branded, RAM, HAD, processor speed, value etc. ,). Use constructors to initialize the design and a destructor that deducts the count of object each time the object is passed to destroy function. Also use written matter constructor to create a system with the configuration same as thats of an existing system. (b) 8. Create a savings_account class that maintains the details of cu stomers like name, knell number. Cancan. Balance. Ensure that the variables are protected with proper specifies such that only the users personalizedized details can be modified directly.Perform deposit, withdrawal, statement print, and pin wobble operations by checking for minimum balance and other conditions. Create a new account for the same user by copying the staple details of the user using a copy constructor. (c) 9. Create a class which maintains information like surname, password, age, mailed, phone number, accepted friends list, etc Declare a friend function Inside the class. Create 3 users such that the first user is friend with 2 and 3 (update friend list of user 1 with user names of 2 and 3). If the users logs in, he should see the personal Information

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