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Philosophy Matrix

University of Phoenix Material Philosophy Matrix Historical Developments genius Issues Field Definition Schools Of Thought Key Contributors Metaphysics The nurture of being The constitution Plato developed the theory of Monism Pythagoras Metaphysics Questions active the of being and what forms and introduced skepticism Materialism Parmenides nature of truth characteristics make up being about reality.Aristotle coined Idealism Heraclitus temperament of ultimate reality the word metaphysics. Augustine Dualism Zeno Permanence and Change reconciled naive realism with Empedocles Appearance and reality Christianity. doubting Thomas reconciled Anaxagoras Nature of human reality Aristotle with Christianity.The Plato Mind-body problems Scientific R maturation Aristotle Freedom and determinism Intelligent design versus Plotinus evolution Augustine Hypatia doubtin g Thomas Anselm Descartes Hobbes Hume Kant Kierkegaard Conway Spinoza Leibniz James Moral The resume of ethics The Aristotle develops a remains of Ethical skepticism Descriptive Plato, What is a moral judgment? nature, criteria, sources, ethics. roman letters influence Relativism Egoism Hedonism Aristotle What is morally right or wrong? logic, and rigorousness of moral Epicureanism and stoicism ethicsEpicureanism Stoicism Epictetus, value become Christianized The get on of Augustine Reason. Hildegard, Hobbes Hume, Kant, Bentham, Mill fond The study of society and its Greek democracy native law Natural Law Contractarian theoryAugustine How should institutions, including what becomes Christianized and is Environmental philosophy Aquinas goods be distributed in a would make up an ideal society. seen as the moral law of God. Hobbes society? Environmental concerns Social Rousseau Do mess have natural rights? jurist Smith Taylor Mill Moore Rawls Nussbaum Political The study of the state, its Greek democracy Platos RepublicDemocracy Constitutional possible action Plato What form of political state is justification, and how to Social contract Separation of authorized Liberalism Marxism Aristotle best? organize it ethically power Anarchism Libertarianism Machiavelli Can a organisation restrict the Objectivism Locke liberty of its citizens? Hegel Marx Nozick Rand Structuralism The study of the rules and Saussure applied semiotics Saussure Levi-Strauss Study of the deep structure of conventions of the phraseology andlinguistics to epistemology. language Levi-Strauss applied Saussures cultural mythology that g overn methods to cultural life-sized social systems. mythology. Deconstruction The study of the assumptions Derrida argued against Free play of signifiers Derrida Seeks to expose assumptions about about language, including the structuralism. language and multiple meanings certainty, identity, and truth Literary criticism. of text. east The study of the philosophical Vedic culture Travels of Hinduism Vedas, Upanishads Siddhartha Gautama Buddha Self-realization, Unity of mind traditions of Hinduism, Confucius and Lao Tzu pass out Buddhism Four Noble Truths, and Buddhism, of Buddhism from India to China Eightfold Body, Harmony of man and Confucianism, and Taoism. & japan Spread of Islam Path Taoism Confucianism Islamic environment transcendentalists embrace philosophy Eastern purpose Parliament of World Religions begins spread f Eastern horizon in America Postcolonial The synthesis of the Colonization during the 18th andPan-African philosophy Senghor Social justice Preservation of disciplines of philosophy with 19th centuries. As countries African-American thought Latin Hountondji oral memoir and tradition the gained freedom, their thinkers American thought ballet skirt Liberation of all peoples. indigenous cultures of Africa, sought social King the Americas, and Asia. justice and recognition. Hooks Feminism The study of the philosophical First wave Pioneers of feminist movementLiberal Feminism Radical Wollstonecraft Equal rights canon as speculate and Feminism Lesbian Feminism Taylor Moral theory and revised to be inclusive of Second wave Activists from Socialist Feminism Black De Beauvoir sexual practice development issues Sexism women and womens issues. 1960s to 1980s Feminism Post-womens liberation movement Gilligan and language.Revisiting other ternion wave 1990s to present, Chodorow schools of including younger women for whom Irigaray philosophy from a feminist feminism is an established Kristeva perspective. Heritage. Cixous Directions Complete the entire matrix and then write a 350- to 500-word response for each of the following questions What is one example of how the global consolidation of cultures has affected contemporary philosophical thinking? A manner of analyzing globalisation in historical standpoint has to do with the scotch and social accounting of global personal business, and especially with the history of past stages of speedy boost in global trade, investment, communication, and authority. There have been more than than a few such(prenominal) instances over the past centuries that come to mind. Among is the export and investment explosions of the 1860s and the earlier dissipate of the twentieth century are merely a couple of the more remarkable instances. (2000) The history of these early periods, and of the institutions with which they were connected, is of substantial contemporary attention.Nonetheless, international history has to be far more than the history of the affairs involving states in the setting of their international relations, or their conflicts, or th eir invasions and domains. It is in excess of the history of exports and imports among countries. (2002) It is over a comparative history. It have to be a history of affairs involving persons and customs, as well as people who belong to quite a lot of various cultures all together or who shift among diverse identities, modes of speech, home nations, and even nationalities. Characteristics of Globalization Globalization, has acquired considerable emotive force. Globalization has its witness meaning from different individuals.For some, globalization is a process that is beneficial, i. e. a appoint to the future world economic development and also inevitable and irreversible. Others attend it with hospitality even fear, believing that it increases inequality within and between nations or organizations, threatens employment and living standards and thwarts social progress. Globalization (or globalisation) in its literal soul is a social change, an increase in connections among socie ties and their elements due to, among others, the explosive evolution of transport and communication technologies. The term is applied to many social, cultural, commercial and economic activities.

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