Monday, March 4, 2019

Describing City

As I walk by dint of the streets, I disregard match confusion that never seems to end. There seems to be an endless amount of cars flowing through the streets and honking their monotone horns. Some of the vehicles ar large trucks that seem to add the irritating noise generated by backup of the motor vehicles around me. Everyone seems to be in a hurry, not unreassuring about anything going on around them. The underground terminal has stores and shops lie the w alls. As I walk by, I can smell all sorts of things. When I walk by the Starbucks Coffee, I can smell chocolate and milk. When I pass by the numerous bagel shops, I can smell bagels and cream cheese.When I look around, I see the abundant red inks board with names of stations and corresponding train numbers and departure times. Looking down, all I can see is the movement of a mass of people Some are carrying bags and some are pull rolling backpacks. All seem to be unconscious of anything going on around them, but they somehow manage not to run into anyone else, well-nigh operating like robots. As I go up the steps to the ground level, I notice the pollution of the city it is a admixture between carbon monoxide from cars, trash, and other indistinguishable pollutants.On the streets, I see an endless flow of cars in traffic, umpteen of which have a itsy-bitsy illuminated sign with the word TAXI on top. Some are very tall, some are medium size, and there is the occasional broken building. The people on the sidewalks are doing various things but everyone is unaware of the madhouse going on around them. When I go into one of the many coffee shops, I can tell everything that the store sells just by smelling the air in and around the store. I go in and see many people dressed in suits reading newspapers, public lecture on cell phones, or sipping on coffee.

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