Monday, June 17, 2019

Building Engineering Services Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Building Engineering Services - Essay ExampleThe Mannings equation is given asWhere V is the velocity of flow through the drains, R is the mean hydraulic radius, S is the slope of the channel and n the Mannings coefficient. As the flowing liquid would contain different types of materials like floating detritus and other suspended particles, necessary care must be taken to prevent any potential problems that would adversely affect the flow. In order to sustain the fluid flow , a minimum velocity need to be maintained. This velocity, termed as self cleaning velocity, is necessary to prevent any particle affidavit in the channel bed. Similarly, very high velocity could also harm the channel durability. The liquid flow at high velocity could damage the get hold lining of the drains especially when the liquid being conveyed is highly abrasive.All drainage works must be prepared and laid as per the prevailing make regulation rules (ADS Inc, 2008). A minimum diameter of 150 mm must be adopted for all the drainage pipe connections involving more than 10 drug user locations. Grease separator must be included to all the drains connected to hotels or any cooking related centres. Addition of drains to the real network must be through prefabricated units to avoid the use of saddles (ADS Inc, 2008). ... In such situations either Rocker pipes or filling compressible materials around the drains are the measures adopted. Finally, the rodent take hold measures like sealed inspection chambers, intercepting traps and solid gully covers are also very essential (ADS Inc, 2008). Rain urine systemsThe rainwater collected is not allowed to be discharged to the existing sewer lines. In the case of unavoidable situations , the order of priority of rainwater discharge is initially to a soakway then to a water course and finally to sewer (ADS Inc, 2008). The soakways proposed for such situations must be designed based on the data on the rainfall intensity, soil porosity tests and storage capacity. The details of swales, filters and the grasp ponds may also be used. The modification to the roof area and gutter sizes besides providing symphonic and eaves drop system need to be followed as per the guidelines (ADS Inc, 2008). The locations that submit more chance to produce the contaminated drainage must be separately handled. The areas affected by the petrol spill must try to mold all drainage to an oil interceptor before further segmentation.Inorder ensure sustainable use of resources the rainwater is put into different types of reuse operations. It is estimated that roof area of atleast 2000 sq ft would be able to gather atleast 1246 gallons during 1 inch rainfall (DoE, n.d.). It could be stored in small tanks placed below the ground surface and could store water when the rain water beings in considerable volume. In addition to the storage systems different types of recharge methods also could be adopted. This would result in significant progress in the g round water level in the

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