Thursday, June 20, 2019

Case study discussion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

Case report card discussion - Essay ExampleAdministrators facial gesture quite a number of moral challenges such as having to use the same curriculum as that set for regular students to teach the disabled who do have a small functioning level. From these it is clear that the decision of whether a disabled student should take the regular statewide test or the option assessment tests should be left to the administrator but non to the IEP team who do not consider the capability of disabled students.Judging from the case study Jamaica was severed in his least restrictive environment. It is clear since he could not change to better behaviors when he was offered a chance to prove himself. He was not gifted to surmount his emotional disturbance, but he was rather controlled by it leading to his state of special education. The fact that his relation with other students was not literal disqualifies him from been in a typical high school to avoid him from harassing other students repeated ly.Jamaicas act of quitting school tho proves that he was not ready to go to an commonplace high school since if he could not improve compared to when in a well-monitored situation. He would even perform desperately under no close supervision. Thus, it would only fasten his act of quitting

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