Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Management seminar Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Management seminar - Essay ExampleIn 2004, there was a global administer of SNS after the invention of the Facebook fundamentally used as exclusive Harvard School brotherly networking site. Facebook developed very fast becoming popular among the college students who would use it for inter-college social networking platform among students and lecturers. Facebook became a very reliable tool for both communication and marketing purposes with many members including professionals and the teenagers. It provides a platform for various marketing and recruitment activities and the largest retentiveness of individual photos online (Peacock, 2011).LinkedIn created a social networking site for professionals to share their educational and work expertise and job postings. The career experts suggest that SNSs are a wonderful delegacy to perform recruitment dialogs since the applicants extensively use them. Most recruiting organizations save many funds by using Social networking sites in hiring process as since it is inexpensive and pocket-friendly. There are some shortcomings associated with the SNSs. The organization, for instance, could get inaccurate information just nigh the individuals. There are online propaganda and malice stirred by wrong information about colleagues when the business and personal relationships break. The incorrect information posted online creates permanent scar on the applicant forever causing individual Web phobia that may run for long time (Solove, 2008).The online application may also lead to privacy and legal issues emanating from posting irrelevant recruitment information online. SNSs connect the square world through most popular three being Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn offering the same functions while used in different countries by different customers. Facebook is the largest SNS with about 500 million members globally, which started becoming popular in America and escalated internationally becoming the most sought after.Orkut bec ame prominent in Brazil and India,

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