Saturday, June 8, 2019

PEM in Mexico Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

PEM in Mexico - Essay ExampleIt can also affect nutrient conversion to the energy vital for healthy reed organ function and tissue development. This paper seeks to discuss PEM in Nigeria and how this country manages it.In Nigeria, there is still a high burden of protein-energy management. The severe characteristics of the illness argon typically related to high mortality rates even in the health facilities. Several strategies have been set up to aid in cut the severity and incidence of PEM. The government initiates a randomized distribution of zinc supplements to the prevalent areas (Garman & Royer, 2011). The locals have realized local products like honey help in reducing the severity of PEM. The Nigerian government has set up strategies to ensure sufficient food security in places prone to the disease.These programs are proving to be self-made where the randomized distribution helps the vulnerable communities in Nigeria. The non-governmental organizations are also taking a huge part in countering the disease in Nigeria. They distribute high-powered packaged foods like F100 and F75 (Johnston & Stoskopof, 2010). UNICEF has played a major role in distribution to children admitted for severe PEM. Similar arrangements are developed at the several hospital surroundings in Nigeria are named as high-energy mixture (HERMIX), Kwash pap in Nigeria.For improvement, storage and preservation of the high energy food is an important whole step by both the government and locals. The government should find out different other ways to ensure food security all year-round. Presently, vitamin A is increase through the repetitive vaccination and National Immunization Days (NID). The government can mandate companies manufacturing countless domestic food items such vegetable oils, sugar and salt to strengthen them with these vitamins and trace elements. Families with low socioeconomic status are the most vulnerable to

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