Wednesday, June 19, 2019

N2 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

N2 - Assignment ExampleThe adroitnesss and talents put up be honed and developed to contribute to the care of the patient role, while the psycheality of the person has to be taken into account when making decisions of a persons role in patient care to maximize the good that person can do.The job factor is all about finding the right task for the right people. It means matching up jobs that require certain skill to someone proficient in that skill. It makes the job easier and more effective for everyone. To do this, one must know about the person taking care of the patient as well as the patient himself/herself. Fitting the job to a persons strengths is not just a matter of making it easier. It is a wise use of resources which would be invaluable, especially in a hospital where lives are at stake.The organization is the interactions and the standards set between the health care staff. It is peaceful of the health and safety culture, the leadership system, and the communications o f the health care providers. This is important because even if the right people are available for the right jobs, a neglect of coordination from the organization could undo such advantages.Taken as a whole, The field of Human Factors are variables that define the relationships between people, work, and the systems governing them in a limited area (Carstens, 2005, p. 83). The effective manipulation of these factors in a hospital setting is matters of life and death, thus are sound candidates for careful scrutiny and application.In the medical-surgical setting, we can see many instances where human factors contribute to the welfare of patients. Sadly, mistakes are unavoidable, and it is here where we find the limits of the human factors, as well as areas to find improvement. Surgical physical exercise is one of the best situations wherein human factors are apparent, and the effects are immediately appreciable. The

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